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Outlaw Lover
Adam's Treasure
Prelude to Magic
Moonlight and Illusions
Lila's Vow
Jenny's Passion
Secrets and Sacrifices
A Soldier to Love
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Outlaw Lover


New Release!


Nurse Somerset grew to hate foolish daredevils after the tragic death of her family…until she meets racecar driver, Kevin Richards. But when his dreams of NASCAR glory are sabotaged, can she keep him off a collision course with death?


Read an excerpt and order OUTLAW LOVER



Adam's Treasure
Second Edition

Coded letters, cryptic symbols, and a beautiful woman. Adam Skelding sets out to find stolen gold, but soon discovers complications he didn’t bargain for.


Read an excerpt and reviews and order ADAM'S TREASURE


Prelude to Magic: The Prequel to
Moonlight and Illusions
New Release!!!


Find out how the magic begins in this seven chapter story of Ruby and Stephen Elliott, Prelude to Magic: The Prequel to Moonlight and Illusions


Excerpt, reviews, and download links for Prelude to Magic: A Prequel to Moonlight and Illusions


Moonlight and Illusions
5 stars from the Paranormal Guild!

When Illusionist, Stephen Elliott, receives an ancient Mayan stone, sleight of hand brings real power and moonlight is the key to life itself.



Lila's Vow
Triple Award Winning Novel!
From the moment he lays eyes on the dark-haired beauty standing on the porch of that Gettysburg home, Jack is entranced. He has always been a man to experience all of the joys that life has to give. But now, thrust into a horrific battle for his country and his life, the only joy to be found is in Lila's arms. If only he survives...


Jenny's Passion
Top Selling U.S. Historical Romance on!
David is a solider in the 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry fighting for what he believes is right. His dark good looks and bewitching green eyes entice Southern belle, Jennifer Winston, to do things she never thought possible...she would even kill for him...


Secrets and Sacrifices


Top Selling U.S. Historical Romance on!! 


Surgeon and physician, Daniel Reid, lives in the divided state of Maryland. But the honor and pride of his Virginia friends prompt him to join the Confederate fight. The chaos of the battle of Antietam tests both his skills and his patience to the limits when he finds "Charlie," a beautiful impostor in their midst.




A Soldier to Love

A Short Story - 99 cents to download

Christine Lawson is homeless and alone, with no hope in sight. Desperation drives her to enlist in the Confederate army to help fight the war of Northern Agression.

As soon as he is old enough, Ryan Bishop leaves home and hearth to join the Union army, just like his brothers. He never expects to find the woman of his dreams...IN the army.

Read an excerpt and order A SOLDIER TO LOVE

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