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My print-only publisher does not offer my books for sale to those having ebook readers. So, due to the increasing popularity of ebook readers, I am putting my Civil War books on sale here at a reasonable price so that anyone wishing to purchase one can. (I do have the erights to my books.) You can purchase the following file formats:
Adobe pdf
Microsoft Word
IMPORTANT:  Because I am not a publishing company, you will NOT be directed to a place to download your book immediately. After you place your order, PayPal will send me an email with your information so I can email you the book you ordered. Please be assured that you will get what you pay for.
Be sure and provide a valid email address so I can send your ebook to you as soon as possible.
Please remember that the books are protected by copyright law against plagarism. In addition, I respectfully request that you do not pass around this ebook to others. I have priced them reasonably and, since I put many hours of work into these precious gems, I hope you will respect my wishes. Thanks!
If you have any questions or problems, please email me at
Thanks for buying a book and happy reading!
Purchase an ebook from Diane Wylie below. Click on the menu under the desired book cover to choose your file type. Then click the "Buy Now" button. It will take you to PayPal. I will send your file to you by email.


Ebook File Format


Ebook File Format


Ebook File Format

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